Imagine if as you walked around the city your bag changed colour, when it encountered pollution.

If a nurse could just glance at the colour of a patient’s bandage, to see if it needed changing.

Or if by slipping on a headpiece you could visibly see the changing emotions of the wearer. 

This is all possible today.

This week we’ve been inspired by our friends at The Unseen who have created incredible reactive inks that allow you to see what has up until now been unseen by the human eye. Lauren Bowker is the master alchemist behind the brand, and her amazing new product range in Selfridges is just the beginning of a future that goes so much further than your standard 'wearables' . 

If health, pollution, pressure, seasons, heat and even human emotion can be made visible to the human eye – it allows us to define a collective experience of abstract human concepts, that until now were entirely defined by one person’s individual experience.

Much has been said about how technology is slowly eroding humanity, but what if the opposite proves true?

Technology is being used by some of the most exciting scientists and visionists today, to help us see the hidden wonders below the surface of the world as we know it – and the potential that poses is enormous. 

The incredible potential of technology into 2016 and beyond, is what has inspired our theme for the week.

We're calling it 'Reactions of wonder'.