The Pursuit of perfection


We became fascinated by the idea of pursuing perfection – and this became

the inspiration for a project that became a book.


We searched the length and breadth of the country looking for people who

shared our obsession, and whose lives were dedicated to bettering their craft.

From Michelin star chefs, to world-renowned artists and photographers, the story

was the same. They were all inspired by trying to create the perfect moment,

even though it remained a fundamentally unattainable ideal.


We gathered the stories from conversations, photographs and experiences

and captured them in a beautifully produced, limited edition book with specialist

papers and cutting edge print technology techniques.


Little did we know when we started this project that it would become our own

pursuit of perfection, as over a two-year period we designed, crafted and pushed the

concept as far as we could.


We are now ready to launch and celebrate the book with a carefully curated group

of contributors, makers, influencers and thinkers. The event will be a celebration of perfection,

whatever shape it takes.